Data Collection

This page contains information on how we capture product telemetry and how you can opt out.

Data collection is subject to our EULA and Privacy Policy.

How Do I Opt Out?

You can opt out of product telemetry by setting the environment variable:


When that environment variable is configured Kpow does not record or send any product telemetry.

Note: If you are using Kpow with a 30-day trial license, turning analytics off is not supported.

How Do We Collect Product Telemetry?

The Kpow UI records product usage with Google Analytics.

We receive the standard Google Analytics data set (page views, location, etc). We also receive a small number of custom events when you take user action (topic-create, topic-delete, sample-topic, etc).

Do We Collect Sensitive Data?


The telemetry we capture is restricted to product specific information like page view or user action.

Page views do not include query strings or url fragments (which do contain sensitive data).

We may collect your License ID in our analytics events, as described in our EULA.

Why Do We Collect Product Telemetry?

Google Analytics is the only mechanism we have to understand how our product is being used.

Kpow is designed to run in air-gapped, security conscious environments. When we release new features or tweak our UI it helps to understand how these feature or changes are received by our users.