Configure kPow with Github SSO (OAuth2) to authenticate and authorize users.

Note: Github Enterprise SSO integrations will limit user sign-in to your organization. When integrating with standard Github SSO you must configure RBAC w/Github org set to ensure the same organization level restriction is met.

User Authentication

Create a Github OAuth2 Application

  1. Login to GitHub and navigate to the organisation you wish to integrate with kPow.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Developer Settings > OAuth Apps > New Oath Application

  3. Fill out the Register a new OAuth application form:

    • Application Name: The name of your kPow instance, e.g. 'kPow Staging'.

    • Homepage URL: The absolute URL to your kPow instance, e.g.

    • Authorization callback URL: The absolute URL for authorization callback, e.g.

  4. Open your freshly created OAuth App and make note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

Integrate kPow with Github OAuth2

Set the following environment variables and start kPow:


  • OPENID_AUTH_URI= The URI to authorize Github users, e.g., or
    [Github Enterprise Host]/login/oauth/authorize
  • OPENID_TOKEN_URI= The URI to retrieve an OAuth token, e.g., or
    [Github Enterprise Host]/login/oauth/access_token
  • OPENID_API_URI= The URI to perform user actions, e.g., or
    [Github Enterprise Host]/api/v3/user
  • OPENID_CLIENT_ID= the Client ID found in the OAuth Apps page (required)

  • OPENID_CLIENT_SECRET= the Client Secret found in the OAuth Apps page (required)

  • OPENID_LANDING_URI= The absolute kPow URI, e.g.

kPow will now authenticate users with Github via OAuth2.

User Authorization

See the guide to Role Based Access Control for full configuration details.

Integrate Github SSO and RBAC

When RBAC is enabled kPow will request orgs:read scope to view the roles associated with an authenticated user.

Github Organisation roles are restricted to admin or member so they are the two roles you can configure with kPow RBAC when using Github SSO.

When authenticating a user kPow makes a request to the GitHub API for user membership state and role information by querying GET /orgs/:org/memberships/:username.

Specify the github key inside your rbac-config.yaml to define the Github Organisation to query for role information.


In this example we grant admin users of the operatr-io Github Organisation actions TOPIC_INSPECT and TOPIC_PRODUCE for cluster N9xnGujkR32eYxHICeaHuQ.

- resource: ["cluster", "N9xnGujkR32eYxHICeaHuQ"]
effect: "Allow"
role: "admin"
# Specifically restrict Auth to a single Github Organization
org: operatr-io