Confluent Cloud

Use kPow to monitor your Confluent Cloud clusters

kPow works out of the box with Confluent Cloud, simply follow our Kafka Cluster configuration documentation to get started.

Extra configuration is required for kPow when monitoring multiple Confluent Cloud clusters that share the same bootstrap url, but have different authentication details. Read on to configure kPow in a multi-tenant scenario.

Multi-Tenant Confluent Cloud

To connect to two clusters that share the same BOOTSTRAP , but are accessed with different auth credentials, provide a unique CLUSTER_ID environment variable for each cluster definition, for example:
SASL_MECHANISM=PLAIN required username="user-1" password="pass-1";
SASL_MECHANISM_2=PLAIN required username="user-2" password="pass-2";

Note: the CLUSTER_ID environment variable must be unique across all clusters defined in kPow, and can be any unique identifier (eg, the string confluent-cloud-stage)


The vast majority of kPow's features work with Confluent Cloud, with the exception of:

  • Broker disk information/metrics - as the admin client request does not return any log details