Use kPow to monitor your Redpanda clusters

What is Redpanda?

Redpanda is a Kafka® compatible event streaming platform. Read more about Red Panda here.

kPow has no reliance on Zookeeper or the JVM and is compatible with Redpanda. You may experience some reduced function where Redpanda diverges from Kafka in API or behaviour.

Quick Start

Start a single-node Redpanda cluster with the Docker container provided by Vectorized.

See: for details of multi-broker setups.

docker run -d --pull=always --name=redpanda-1 --rm \
-p 9092:9092 \ \
redpanda start \
--overprovisioned \
--smp 1 \
--memory 1G \
--reserve-memory 0M \
--node-id 0 \

Configure kPow to connect to the local Redpanda cluster.

You must provide a unique CLUSTER_ID for each Redpanda Bootstrap configured


Start your kPow instance and navigate to the UI.