Use kPow to monitor your Redpanda clusters

What is Redpanda?

Redpanda is a Kafka® compatible event streaming platform. No Zookeeper®, no JVM, and no code changes required. Read more about Red Panda here

kPow has no reliance on Zookeeper or the JVM and is fully compatible with Redpanda.

Quick Start

Start a single-node Redpanda cluster with the Docker container provided by Vectorized.

docker run -ti -p 9092:9092 vectorized/redpanda:latest

Configure kPow to connect to the local Redpanda cluster.


Note: an extra environment variable CLUSTER_ID is required, as Redpanda does not provide a cluster ID when making an admin client request. The CLUSTER_ID must be unique across all clusters defined in kPow, and can be any unique identifier.

Start your kPow instance and navigate to the UI.