Live Mode
Monitor Kafka Resources in Real-Time
Live Mode provides a real-time view of your Kafka Resources.


Live mode is enabled by default.
Configure further with the following environment variables:
    LIVE_MODE_ENABLED - (bool) Default: true
    LIVE_MODE_PERIOD_MS - (long) period (in ms) that live mode will run for. Default: 60000
    LIVE_MODE_INTERVAL_MS - (long) the interval (in ms) between snapshots. Default: 3500
    LIVE_MODE_MAX_CONCURRENT_USERS - (long) the maximum number of concurrent sessions. Default 2


Enter Live Mode by clicking the 'play' button in the top right hand corner of the kPow UI.
Exit Live Mode by clicking the spinning 'stop' button.
Live Mode runs for a configurable period of time after which the user is presented with an option to continue or exit back to normal operation.
Live Mode is available in since v48. See the release video for a quick demonstration:
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